Most shrubs are very easy to grow. You plant them, and you can basically forget about them. But… is it good that you forget about them? Doesn’t this mean that they are basically not pretty enough to attract attention?

Yes, shrubs can be boring. They are the sort of plants that grow next to roads and supermarkets and give some vague colour to the area, but nobody really goes and looks at them. They are just background.

But shrubs don’t have to be boring.

Shrubs can be very, very exciting, if you know which ones to pick and where to plant them…

Now you may be thinking: “Sure a rhododendron is nice and so is a magnolia, but they don’t really grow in our climate. Or do they?”

Don’t worry, we will help you answer your questions! We have created a list of the best cold tolerant shrubs that will add colour and excitement to your garden.

All the shrubs listed below have been growing in our garden. For each species, we have included what care the plants need and where to plant them to make them super decorative. Of course,  we also specify if the shrubs thrive in our Nordic climate.

The list contains but a few of the shrubs that grow in our garden. We will be adding many more articles in the coming months!


Cold Tolerant Shrubs



Sambucus (Black and Red Elderberry)


Design Ideas with Shrubs

Top 12 Winter Interest Shrubs


If you want to learn more about other plant types that are cold tolerant, low maintenance and look stunning, check out this post!

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