When you are new to the gardening world, it is overwhelming how much you have to learn. We know this, we were there.

Once you learned how to care for plants, which ones will survive the winters, you believe that you are already an expert gardener. BUT… after so many visits to the local nursery, your garden still does not look as the ones on pictures. There is something missing… You are most likely missing knowledge in garden design.

Without knowing the basic principles of garden design, it is very hard to create a stunning garden. A place truly beautiful, not just for the owner, but also appreciated by the visitors.

In this section of the blog, we will share with you the principles of garden design. What we have learned through the years by following the advice of experts and finding out what works in our climate.

Each item of the list is a category of garden design that will lead you to a page with posts on the topic.

Using the principles of garden design is a lot of fun and we hope that through these articles you will be able to enjoy even more your garden.

List of Garden Design Topics

How to create a garden with winter interest