Top 12 Winter Interest Shrubs

I have a confession to make. We are a very crop driven family. Our approach is "keep shade to a minimum so that the fruits can ripe". This is why our garden is mostly composed of two categories of plants: perennials as they produce no shade and fruit bearing trees and shrubs. This arrangement worked well in summer but had a major drawback in winter. For the cold months of the year our garden was missing winter interest and appeal. Luckily, many of the corp bearing shrubs planted in our garden turned out to have winter interest. Therefore, by adding only a few winter interest shrubs (read this post  on how to choose them), we were able to create a garden that is interesting even during the winter. In this post I will share with you 9 winter interest shrubs that grow in our garden. I have also included three shrubs that grow well in our climate, but that we don't grow in our garden. (more…)

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Cold Tolerant Shrubs

Most shrubs are very easy to grow. You plant them, and you can basically forget about them. But... is it good that you forget about them? Doesn't this mean that they are basically not pretty enough to attract attention? Yes, shrubs can be boring. They are the sort of plants that grow next to roads and supermarkets and give some vague colour to the area, but nobody really goes and looks at them. They are just background. But shrubs don't have to be boring. Shrubs can be very, very exciting, if you know which ones to pick and where to plant them... Now you may be thinking: "Sure a rhododendron is nice and so is a magnolia, but they don't really grow in our climate. Or do they?" Don't worry, we will help you answer your questions! We have created a list of the best cold tolerant shrubs that will add colour and excitement to your garden. (more…)

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