So you have an empty garden. And you want to make it beautiful. Where should you start? What to buy? Will the plants survive the cold winters? Should you risk and buy a plant that you really like but are unsure if it will survive, as no neighbour grows it?

Just calm down and smile : )

One can grow any plant in a cold climate. What varies is the amount of time and effort it will take to make the plant thrive in our Nordic gardens. In the same way, each plant can be decorative and stunning, if placed in the right spot and among the right companions.

Nevertheless, the beginner gardener doesn’t want to hear philosophic thoughts. At the first stages (and not only) you need clear guidelines and, even better, a list of easy garden plants. These will allow you to quickly and effortlessly create a beautiful and garden.

To answer this need we have created the Amberway Approval.

Amberway Approval

The Amberway Approval is given to plants that we have personally grown and tested  in our garden and that:

  • Survive temperatures of -20/-24°C (more information on our climate here)
  • Are easy garden plants
  • Are very decorative

Each Amberway Approved plant is marked with such symbol.

Amberway just pattern symbol small

This does not mean that the plants that do not get the approval are less beautiful, or less deserving. It means that such plants need more care to thrive in the cold climate. Several of my favourite plants did not get the Amberway Approval, as I need to work extensively, or plant them in very warm spots for them to survive and thrive. Nevertheless, as long as most of the plants in our garden are easy garden plants (i.e. Amberway Approved), I have enough time and energy to care for the few, more demanding plants.

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